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Sage 300 ERP
Sage 50 Middle East Edition


Solutions to all types of expanding business requirements


Expertly manage your expanding business with quick access to important information and secure, reliable software that you control locally. Easily manage customers and sales, automate purchasing and shipping, track jobs, and more!


Organize your business finances easily and features to run your business better. Do tasks unique to your industry quickly. Easily manage inventory items Quickly locate items and complete inventory.


We at A2R Solutions understand that the point of sale software is an extremely important in making a successful retail business, and keeping that in mind, we bring you the best in point of sale software solutions.


Available on-premise or online, Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage ERP Accpac) is a comprehensive business management solution designed to keep your total cost of ownership low by supporting multiple technologies, databases, and operating systems.


"Doing business with your company has been a true pleasure for us. We have been impressed with the quick response and professional approach your company has offered us. A2R Solutions was able to quickly identify our company's needs and swiftly solve our problems. We are extremely satisfied with our software purchase and we can count on you for keeping our business running smoothly with all the up to minute changes that we so often request. A2R Solutions service and commitment to excellence and professionalism has been a leading factor in our success. Keep up the good work."



Manager - AJ sports

"After much searching and endless demonstrations, we found a software package that truly served our needs. Not only did A2R Solutions have the software that helped put us ahead of our competition, we gained superior support, service and training."

Dominic Findlow

Dominic Findlow

MD - Global System Technology

"I would like to say thank you for sending Asif and Atindra. They were able to talk to our manager, Mr. Tellawi quite extensively. He passed on a message for you actually, I'm sure Asif and Atindra told you about it when they first came to visit us. Reflection Lighting is a new company, barely 6months old, so I when I joined, they did not have an accounting software yet. I used EXCEL for the meantime so I can keep track of all the transactions. But since we had Peachtree installed, it made the accounting work like a breeze. I'm glad that we scheduled the training sessions with Asif (even if he had to drive all the way from Dubai). He is very informative. And he told us that if we have any problems, we can just call him anytime. I'm a new Peachtree user, and I'm happy that the software is very user-friendly. I also appreciate that Atindra attends to my calls when Asif is not around and there's another guy (Gulrith - I'm not sure of the spelling, sorry). Your staff are very accommodating, so thank you very much!"

Ms. Deanna

Ms. Deanna

Administration Department - Reflection Lighting Co.LLC

Sage 300 has greatly reduced the time it takes to manage the our accounting – it easily handles big amounts of data and has integrated checks and controls which our previous system did not have. The remote access to the system is very convenient as we have offices in different countries. The reports we generate (e.g. budget vs actual) from Sage are critical for monitoring the performance of the business and facilitating management decisions. The software implementation was not painless, took time and efforts however Asif, our Sage account manager was helpful and professional and made it happen. I would recommend Sage as an excellent solution for other midsize companies.

Krishan Kumar

Krishan Kumar

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