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Payroll Solutions

A2R Solutions is proud to present MePay, an absolute answer to all your HR and payroll management software needs. Developed by our own team of expert professionals, MePay is a one-stop payroll software solution designed keeping in mind the different needs of clients and to perform and simplify a wide array of tasks. Simply put, it will revolutionize the way you see Payroll and HR software UAE forever.

MePay can suit a diverse variety of businesses, thanks to its flexible design that can cater to a diverse range of requirements. From pre-defined set of transactions for less intricate payrolls to more powerful features for complicated payrolls, this payroll and HR software UAE can accommodate almost any of your payroll requirements. It can also perform very tedious and cumbersome processes like calculating accurate earnings, taxes and deductions, track labor costs, analyze trends and create detailed management reports with effortless ease. It is a payroll Dubai solution that offers easy, accurate and secure payroll processing with a range of features to clients in Dubai, UAE, Oman, Middle East, the entire GCC or simply for that matter even across the globe.
Get in touch with A2R Solutions right away to get the ultimate cutting edge Payroll Dubai software solution that is MePay today. With it, you will never need to waste your finances on another payroll software again. You can call us directly at +971-4-3233638 or fill up our online form to get a free consultation too.

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Key Features at a Glance :

Complete Employee Records

Categorize employee data with ease and find details related to departments and designations almost anytime and every time.

Flawless Expiry Tracking

Keeping records up-to-date with regards to employee passports, contracts, visas and health card was never this easy.

Truly Global Payroll Solution

Truly flexible and agile, Mepay works in any country and company. Irrespective of the company’s payroll structure or the industrial and taxation laws of the country.

Easy Setup and Installation

An easy to install procedure and a friendly graphical interface makes the whole set up and installation process very easy and simple.

Minimum User-Entry

Well, this is quite explanatory. But still we want to let you know, Mepay just needs a user to enter a minimum amount of data for payroll generation and calculation of leaves.

Calculation of Salary based on Formula

Just define or apply the correct formula through Mepay’s formula builder for numeric variables and generate your salary slips, pay slips and department wise reports with minimal of fuss.

Calculating gratuity benefits goes Automatic

Gosh! We also know how hard it can be to calculate gratuities. Take a breather for Mepay just makes those complex calculations a thing of the past.

Multiple users

Unlimited users and unlimited levels of security, it really is a complex situation. Now, it becomes easy, for by simply using Mepay and its menu or module option you can assign rights to each user according to the status defined.

Integrated application

It can be integrated to time attendance machine or biomatrix machine.

Additional Features

Me Pay will support multi languages (for e.g. English, Arabic etc.).

System can generate different payroll and pay slip reports according to different company groups.

Roaster can generate as based on different shifts, and import data integrated with the attendance machine as per the roaster settings.

Salary advance, Loan details etc. can easily be entered to the system and the system will show the balance reports.

The System will show leave balance and air ticket balance reports.

The system will generate leave salary and gratuity amount automatically.

The System will generate WPS format.

The System will show current month payments such as how much is bank transfer, cash and cheque.

MEPay Sytem can integrate with Sage Line 50 and Evolutions accountings systems.

System can generate current month debits and credit reports.