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Sage50 Accounting is a super-smart solution that brings all the elements of your business together, enabling you to control your finances and maintain your relationship with your customers, suppliers and staff. All components in the Sage 50 Accounting range are fully integrated and share a common interface. Your data integreity is ensured and maintained in central database. By adding on modules, you can make Sage 50 Accounting an incredibly effective business management software solution for your business.

The power to run your business

Features Add-on Modules
System Audit Manager
Advanced Security
Goods Received Voucher
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Project Tracking
General Ledger
Sales & Purchase Order Entry
Inventory Control
Unit of Measure
Cash Book
Microsoft Office Integration
User Defined Fields
Sage 50 Mobility**
Sage Intelligence Reporting
Sage CRM Standard
Delivery Manager
SDK Connector
Bank Statement Manager
Bill of Materials
Debtors Manager
Pricing Matrix
Fixed Assets
Job Costing
Serial Number Tracking
Voucher Management
Sage Intelligence Reporting (Advanced)

The above features and modules are referred to as the core Sage 50 Accounting system.

Features of the Core
Sage 50 Accounting Application

System Manager

The System Manager is the control centre for the entire Sage 50 Accounting application. It is the system's user interface. Featuring a System Tree for navigation, it also controls the system environment and setup, online help and multi-level password security. Sage 50 Accounting delivers enhanced efficiency, productivity and security to any business. System Manager offers the following:

  • A consistent user interface no matter which module you are using. Fixed Assets or Accounting, they all share the same common interface and all appear as options on a single System Tree.
  • Standard navigation tools such as menus, the System Tree, toolbars and favourites.
  • Powerful tools for maintaining, sorting, searching and grouping your lists of data.
  • The ability to customise the interface to suit each user's requirements and to create user defined fields on master and transaction file records.

Features within System Manager:

  • Store Data Indefinitely
  • Transaction Rollback
  • Supports Multiple Companies
  • Transaction Drill Downs

Advanced Security
Your data is your data! We understand the need for confidentiality within your business. You need to control access to this information. Sage 50 Accounting features multi-level, menu-driven password access control. Sage 50 Accounting also enables you to control who sees what with password protected menus.

System Audit Manager
Eliminate internal fraud and unauthorised transacting within your business with the System Audit Manager. This tool assists you to track and manage database activities for all or selected database tables allowing you to report on detail changes for both transaction and masterfile tables.

Integrated with Microsoft® Office
Seamless integration with MS Office means that you can e-mail any report. You can use several standard formats such as HTML or PDF. You can also export data into Word or Excel, where you can perform your own complex data manipulations. This feature complements Sage's extensive range of management reports. The Sage 50 CRM Standard Module integrates e-mail management with Microsoft® Outlook.

You have the ability to view graphs. For example, you can compare General Ledger account movements over a period of five financial years. You can compare sales and purchases in the Orders module, and you can view incident analysis in the CRM module.

Report Writer
The Report Writer module allows you to customise standard reports as well as stationary layouts per use.

Receivables and Payables
Sage 50 Accounting gives you instant access to customer and supplier balance, overdue totals and sales/purchase history. Drill down features and reports are available when you need a more detailed analysis of customer/supplier transactions. You can create multiple delivery addresses for each customer and supplier. Set processing defaults for delivery requirements/addresses, selling prices and discounts which you can override for each transaction.

Project Tracking
This module allows you to allocate income pr expense transactions to particular projects. You can then filter reports on a project basis and create an income statement per project.

General Ledger
The General ledger is the heart of the financial function of your company. All processing you do eventually reflects in the General Ledger. The system has no tedious month or year-ends. The system is date driven, allowing you to post transactions to any period at any time. You can block periods that are complete, thereby preventing operators from accessing them in error and store five years of information.

Cheque Printing and EFTs
You can print cheques from any bank account. The cheque layout is fully customisable to accomodate requirements from different banks. You utilise user access levels to control who can print cheques.


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